Self Cleaning Filters

Automatic self cleaning filters for high loads of suspended solids and heavy duty applications.


Triton series of online self cleaning filters are electrically driven automatically self-cleaning filter with brush cleaning backwash mechanism. The function of the filter is controlled by a flushing controller.

The filter unit is equipped with a brush cleaning mechanism which essentially comprises of ss 316 brushes mounted on a ss 316 frame which is in turn connected to a motor gearbox mechanism through a shaft. A diaphragm valve/hydraulically actuated valve/motorized valve is used as a flushing valve which is in nc condition during backwash.

The system is monitored in real time by a dp switch which send real time pressure difference data to plc control panel regarding pressure drop between inlet & outlet of system. When a preset dp is achieved the control panel activates the motor thus rotating the brush mounted frame and opening the flushing valve.

Due to the scrapping action of the brushes the filter cake that has formed on the filter screen to be brushed off, and a great deal of dirt can be removed without interrupting filtration.

The cleaning process can be activated both automatically and manually. The short cleaning time of 20-25 seconds, using a minimum of flushing water, is sufficient to clean the entire filter element, with the filtering process being maintained.

Flow rates Filtration degree Water for cleaning Min operating pressure
Each filter capacity upto 6500m3/hr. 2500 – 10 micron Less then 0.7 % of the total flow 1.5 bar
  • Heavy duty filter for high loads of suspended solids and high flow rates.
  • Durable electrically driven revolving-brush cleaning mechanism.
  • Automatic flushing according to pressure differential and/or time.
  • Option for continuous flushing.
  • Low pressure option, suitable for 1.5 bar and lower.
  • No interruption of downstream flow during flushing.
  • Applications : intake water filtration, cooling tower – side stream filtration, drinking water,
  • Pre-filtration to uf membrane, irrigation system.
  • Sectors : manufacturing, mining, water and wastewater treatment plants, municipal
  • Agriculture etc.
Our advantages
  • Low head loss.
  • Less waste of water (0,7% of total flow)
  • Reduced footprint
  • Low enegry consumption.
Technical specifications
Filter type Triton 3600 Triton 7200 Triton 12000 Triton 18000 Triton 36000 Triton 48000
Filtration area 3600 cm2 7200 cm2 12000 cm2 18000 cm2 36000 cm2 48000 cm2
Screen type Stainless steel ss 316 l
General data
Max flow rate 180m3/hr. 700m3/hr 1200m3/hr 2160m3/hr 4320m3/hr 4800m3/hr
Inlet outlet dia 2”-6” 6”-14” 12”-16” 16”-20” 20”-24” 26”-32”
Standard filtration degree 2500 – 10 micron
Min working pressure 1.5 bar
Max working pressure 10 bar & 16 bar higher on request